JOBS FOUNDATION provides job training and practical experience for adults facing barriers to employment that prepares them to be more valuable employees with expanding futures.

4 steps to changing lives –
How we do it

1.) We collaborate with referral partners who recommend potential employees.

These are some of the organizations that provide support services for housing, transportation and other needs. Employees also come to us directly and from other organizations.

2.) Candidates are screened for job openings.

Candidates for training and jobs are interviewed and given an opportunity to demonstrate they can master the fundamentals of working for a company.

3.) Typically 12-18 months of on the job training.

New trainees on board through a blend of buddy and formal training’s. After completing 90 days of successful employment, additional internal certifications are earned to build transferable skills and confidence.

4.) We help trainees locate a permanent position.

After a successful 12-18 months of on the job experience opportunities are provided for a permanent position or assistance in locating a permanent job at a different company.