Our Mission Statement:


Jobs Foundation exists to provide stable jobs to economically disadvantaged adults so that they may obtain marketable job skills and a pathway to self sufficiency.

Our Vision Statement:

Jobs Foundation is a self-sustaining social enterprise that provides marketable skills and employment to economically disadvantaged individuals. We are actively partnering with businesses and individuals in accumulating donated goods that are then sold online or recycled to provide funding for our mission.

Our Philosophy:

Jobs are the foundation to financial independence. By creating job opportunities for people who want to work, learn a vocational skill, and demonstrate a desire to invest in themselves, they can develop a future. Employees receive on-the-job training in the fundamentals of work and social interaction.

• Jobs Foundation employs economically disadvantaged adults in self-funding business enterprises. We use the proceeds of our electronics recycling division (Tech Dump) to support our organization, instead of relying on outside funding to accomplish our mission.

We hire people that may have few opportunities for employment – people who want the dignity of a job, but may not have the necessary skills, or have a barrier to employment. We provide the opportunity of hope, to individuals that really want that opportunity.

• We teach personal skills: how to break old habits, how to get along with other people, particularly those different from us. Some have never had jobs, so we teach basic work habits – showing up on time, listening to a boss, and getting along with coworkers. We create a place for people to learn marketable skills, and the understanding of integrity.